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Ask a tech recruiter: Switching from web to mobile development

Happy Thursday, TIA! Welcome to our first ‘Ask a tech recruiter’ column!

In case you missed it, ‘Ask a tech recruiter’ is a column where jobseekers can seek advice anonymously from Tech in Asia’s in-house recruiters.

Since we launched Tech in Asia Jobs in 2016, we’ve received a ton of questions from jobseekers all around Asia on how best to improve their chances of landing their dream job in the tech industry. As such, we decided to open up an interactive column (right here!) to address these questions.

For this, we’ve rounded up our in-house tech recruiters, Lionel Wong, Don LeeTarlo Gill, and Teoh Ming Hao, a highly experienced team of ex-developers, entrepreneurs and recruiters who’ve come together to connect tech talent with startups and corporate companies in the region.

They will be answering one question each week in the comments section below. Feel free to hop in at any point in time to join in the discussion!

This week, the question they will answer is

How do I switch from web to mobile development even though I have no experience in the latter?

Have a question for them? Simply click the button below, fill in the form, and keep a lookout for the responses on Tech in Asia!

It’s free, it’s anonymous, so ask away 😉

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