Apple’s Prime equivalent “Apple One” will launch in October

Enlarge / Cat Quest 2, one of the more acclaimed games on Apple Arcade. (credit: Susan Arendt)

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to launch its all-in-one subscription bundle in October, after months of rumors that the company was working on one. This follows earlier reports, including another from Bloomberg, saying Apple plans to launch an Amazon Prime-like subscription bundle. But this report has many more details to consider than before.

First, it claims the service is internally called “Apple One”—putting an end to the joking “Apple Prime” shorthand many of us have been using. The name seems simple enough: multiple subscriptions in one, so it’s called One. However, that internal name may not be the final one that consumers see when the bundles finally launch.

The report gives a launch date: October. The article says Apple One will launch alongside Apple’s new 2020 lineup of iPhones, which has long been expected to be announced in either September or October. This means more details about the bundle may be announced at the same event that Apple uses to unveil the new iPhone and Apple Watch models annually, which usually takes place in early September. (Old timelines are far from certain amid the COVID-19 pandemic, of course.)

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