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Apple releases new iPhone ad focused on the ‘Memories’ feature

I don’t have children so I don’t think the “Memories” feature is as powerful as it could be for me. Apple knows this well, that’s why its newest ad features memories of a real Spanish family with their two children growing up.

Like previous Apple ads, the company has taken a cinematic approach with a lot of ambiance shots. In the video, you can see a meticulous archivist opening drawers, dusting off old photographic film and lettering photos.

It’s the imaginary recreation of what you iPhone does in the background when you load up the Memories tab. And it’s crazy to think that it doesn’t take any effort on your side to watch a 60-second video clip of old memories. It would have taken days or even weeks to recreate the same thing a few decades ago.

Memories was introduced last year as part of iOS 10. In many ways, it is Apple’s answer to Google Photos’ equivalent feature. The main difference is that Apple doesn’t rely on its server infrastructure to put together these smart albums. Everything happens on your device.

I’ve noticed that my iPhone categorizes my photos while my phone is plugged and I’m sleeping at night. Apple is taking advantage of the fact that an iPhone usually stays always on, even when you sleep. Those ads also promote features that you might not know already exist.

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