Apple Might Team Up with Samsung for 5G iPhone 11

Apple has never been in a rush to adopt new cellular technology, and it was, in fact, a step behind all of its rivals in this regard, but it looks like the company is trying a different approach in the future.

While it was originally believed that Apple only wanted to adopt 5G on the iPhone lineup in 2020, a report from Reuters indicates that Cupertino intends to do this beginning with the 2019 generation.

As a result, Apple is already holding talks with several suppliers on 5G modem chips, including Samsung and MediaTek. Both are supposed to replace Qualcomm, the company that Apple is currently at war with, though a decision on the supplier hasn’t been made just yet.

The report cites Apple’s supply chain executive Tony Blevins as saying that Qualcomm was the first option because it offered deep rebates on patent lice… (read more)

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