Apple Finally Understands iPhones Need Bigger Batteries

Apple isn’t necessarily a big fan of increasing the capacity of the batteries it uses on the iPhone, and the company typically tries to boost autonomy per charge using a series of software optimizations.

But larger batteries are without a doubt necessary, even on the iPhone, and Apple knows this very well.

As a result, the upcoming iPhone XR successor due in September will indeed bring an increase in battery capacity, according to a report from TheElec.

CATL, which is already a battery supplier for Apple, has recently started production of batteries for the new-generation iPhone XR, and by the looks of things, these early units come with increased capacity.

The new cells boast 3,110 mAh, which is a 6% increase over the 2,942 mAh currently on the iPhone XR, and this should provide a boost of at least a couple of hours per charge.

Single-cell battery

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