Apple asks to block iOS Unreal Engine development in new court filing

Enlarge / Artist’s conception of Apple’s conception of Epic trying to evade punishment for its breach of Apple’s developer agreement with regards to Fortnite. (credit: Epic Games)

As the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple moves toward a September 28 hearing, the iPhone maker is mincing no words in arguing against Epic’s request for a preliminary injunction that would bring Fortnite back to the iOS App Store. In a 37-page motion filed late Tuesday, Apple says that it needs to retain the ability to punish “one of the most egregious acts of sabotage that Apple has experienced with any developer.”

“Epic started a fire, and poured gasoline on it, and now asks this Court for emergency assistance in putting it out, even though Epic can do so itself in an instant by simply adhering to the contractual terms that have profitably governed its relationship with Apple for years,” the motion reads, in part. “Epic is a saboteur, not a martyr.”

Security-centered arguments

Apple’s argument for keeping Fortnite off the App Store without changes relies heavily on arguments around protecting iPhone security. When Apple first created the iOS App Store, it says, “Rather than recreating the Internet, Apple opted instead to create a safe and trusted place for its iPhone customers to discover and download apps, confident that they will work seamlessly and securely with the tap of a finger.”

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