Amnesia: Rebirth Review (PS4)

We can arguably say that Frictional Games created a new genre, ten years ago with Dark Descent, but it is without a doubt that The Amnesia series set new standards in horror games, especially when it comes to player expectations. Now the developers return with a new setting, a different approach, and a much more polished experience. Still, Amnesia: Rebirth has to face a pretty high challenge and the new direction may not be the best way to tackle it.

The leap from the Penumbra series to Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a significant one, on every level. The horror story that unfolded among the cold walls of an ancient castle become an instant hit, mainly because the adventures of the amnesiac protagonist had so many memorable moments in it. The basic recipe that traded jump scares for a constant gloomy and heavy atmosphere, and added to the mix a heightened level of pressure by taking away any means of self… (read more)

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