Amazon’s Data-Request Portal for Police is Visible on the Web

“Anyone can access portions of a web portal used by law enforcement to request customer data from Amazon,” reports TechCrunch, “even though the portal is supposed to require a verified email address and password…”

Only time sensitive emergency requests can be submitted without an account, but this requires the user to “declare and acknowledge” that they are an authorized law enforcement officer before they can submit a request.

The portal does not display customer data or allow access to existing law enforcement requests. But parts of the website still load without needing to log in, including its dashboard and the “standard” request form used by law enforcement to request customer data… Assuming this was a bug, we sent Amazon several emails prior to publication but did not hear back…

Motherboard reported a similar issue earlier this month that allowed anyone with an email address to access law enforcement portals set up by Facebook and WhatsApp.

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