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Amazon takes on the smart alarm clock with the $130 Echo Spot

Many have tried and failed to bring the world a smart alarm clock (remember Chumby?), but no one has been better positioned than Amazon to deliver on the promise. In essence, the product is a tiny Echo Show. Echo Show crossed with Echo Dot = Echo Spot. Get it?

The product features a two inch display in a half circle design. As Amazon put it, anything the Show can do, Echo Spot can do, too. But the new Spot comes at the much more affordable price point of $130. 

Amazon is clearly hopping the Spot will serve an Echo Dot-like purpose for the product, convincing users to install one in every room of their home — though obviously $130 price point is far more price prohibitive than the $60 Dot. At $130, the product could serve as a compelling alternative to a baby monitor or bedside alarm clock.

Amazon’s existing security camera functionality is present here as well, which is a compelling case use in and of itself, offering users a quick glimpse of your front door.

The product is available today for pre-order and is set to start shipping in December.


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