Amazon Luna cloud-gaming impressions: More than good enough for $5.99/mo

Enlarge (credit: Amazon)

Roughly one month ago, Amazon ended over a year of speculation by announcing the upcoming launch of Amazon Luna, its own dedicated gaming-in-the-cloud service. At the time, Amazon suggested that Luna would launch “next month” in the form of a limited public beta, meant to reach a tiny subset of interested users before a wider launch at an unspecified date.

“Next month” is right about now, and sure enough, Amazon began sending random invites on Monday to users who’d previously signed up. Somehow, I received an invite to my personal Amazon account faster than any formal “press” demo opportunity. I immediately signed up and logged in to see what Luna’s $5.99/mo tier will look and feel like when it launches to a wider audience in the near future. So far, I must say: It’s pretty darned good, but not perfect.

One more big-tech fish in the cloud-gaming stream

If you’re oblivious to the rising trend of cloud-streamed video games, catch up by checking out our previous coverage of major players in the space: Microsoft Project xCloud, Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, and Nvidia GeForce Now.

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