All Phone Makers But Apple Could Start Using In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

Shipments of in-display fingerprint sensors are continuously increasing, and a new report indicates that the majority of phone makers worldwide are planning the switch to such technology.

Digitimes writes that in-display fingerprint sensor orders could reach 42 million units this year before exceeding 100 million units next year, especially thanks to the world’s largest manufacturers adopting them as well.

The report doesn’t specifically name Samsung, but it does state that “Korea-based smartphone vendors” are expected to start using ultrasonic fingerprint sensors on their devices. Samsung has long been rumored to be looking into such tech for the Galaxy S10, and the firm is believed to account for a large share of the said orders.

Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo are other brands that may invest in such fingerprint sensors, in turn also generating a boost in OLED shipments, according to the report.

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