Alienware m15 laptop sports thinnest Dell gaming design, Nvidia Max-Q GPUs

Valentina Palladino

Dell hopped on the ultra-portable gaming-PC bandwagon with a revamped Alienware laptop designed to appeal to serious and wannabe gamers alike. The new Alienware m15 touts its thin-and-light design as one of its best traits: users can bring the 4.7-pound laptop around with them more easily than any other Alienware laptop, and they won’t have to sacrifice performance when they do so.

I briefly demoed the Alienware m15 while it was surrounded by Alienware’s other laptops, and the difference in heft was immediately noticeable. Not only is the m15 lighter than Dell’s other gaming laptops, but it also uses its chassis space more efficiently, making it thinner and more attractive. Much like the redesigned HP Omen 15 laptop, the Alienware m15 has slimmer top and side bezels around its 15.6-inch display, narrow edges hugging the keyboard, and a new honeycomb speaker bar that sits right below the hinges.

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