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Airbnb settles lawsuit with San Francisco

Airbnb Head of Global Policy Chris Lehane announced today that the company has settled its lawsuit with the city of San Francisco. Last year, Airbnb sued San Francisco over the city’s new rental legislation.

While the city’s laws were well-intentioned, Lehane said, it had a really onerous process that made it hard for hosts to comply. As part of the settlement, Airbnb will offer a streamlined registration process to hosts that make it easy to register their short-term rental with the city, obtain a business license and pay the required fee through Airbnb’s platform.

It’s part of Airbnb’s “desire to keep things simple,” Lehane said. That way hosts have a clear understanding of what they’re supposed to be doing in order to abide by the city’s laws and home-sharing regulations.

In order for this to be implemented, Mayor Ed Lee will have to endorse the agreement. If approved, Lehane said, Airbnb expects the system to be up and running by next year.



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