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Airbnb has acquired partner Deco Software, Deco IDE is going open source

Airbnb — the platform where people post and book accommodation and other travel-related items — has made an acquisition to expand its platform and how it works with developers to build services on its platform. It has acquired Deco Software, which had worked with Airbnb and also developed an integrated development environment (IDE) to build react native apps, specifically with the aim of developers working more closely with designers.

As part of the move, Deco is ending support for Deco IDE as a product. “It will live on as a free and open source project,” the company’s founders write in a note confirming the acquisition. You can download it here.

The news was confirmed on Deco Software’s website. We’ve also reached out to Airbnb for further comment.

Deco has worked with Airbnb in the past on both design tools and its own use of React Native (you can see more about Airbnb’s work with in this area in this presentation), and a source tells us that the entire team is now at Airbnb “working on the Design Tools and Experience Architecture teams.”

“As we began to collaborate with the teams at Airbnb that are working on design tools and React Native, it became clear that Airbnb was the perfect place for us to continue our journey,” the company’s founders note.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed: it’s not clear if the company had raised funding since it was founded in 2015 by Gavin Owens, David Chen, Spencer Liolios, and Devin Abbott in San Francisco.

This is Airbnb’s 14th acquisition, and like its most recent, Tilt, is more aimed at its platform development than expanding its consumer footprint. While the company continues to bump against regulators and subsequently work through those hiccups, it’s also building its massive travel empire.

The company is one of the biggest late-stage startups around at the moment. It has raised over $4 billion at this point — including a recent $1 billion round that valued the company at $31 billion, en route to a public listing.

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