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Adorable Tamagotchi copycat is here to save you from Chrome tab clutter

You might’ve once been stressed out with the responsibility of keeping a Tamagotchi alive as a child.

As an adult, you’re likely mildly perturbed by ensuring you don’t have too many Chrome tabs open, slowing down your computer. Life is hard.

Now you can meld the anxieties of past and present with a new Chrome extension called Tabagotchi. It’s essentially a Tamagotchi copycat, but the pet — which you’ll find when you open a new tab — survives on less Chrome tabs being opened. 

Too many tabs, and your pet is dead. But at least you won’t have to raise it from scratch. Just close a few tabs and your pet will be fine.

The key to the game is to maintain a small amount of open tabs. Keep five or fewer open tabs every hour, and you’ll get one bar closer to evolving your Tabagotchi.

Five is a very small number, especially in this day and age where we need to keep tabs on everything (geddit), but at least you’ll be more conscious of your Chrome tab usage — which we can all admit, gets out of hand far too easily.

[h/t Gizmodo] be53 ee23%2fthumb%2f00001

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