Add The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard to your Kindle for FREE (Reg. up to $12)

Amazon offers The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard as a FREE Kindle eBook. For comparison, it usually sells for $4 as a digital copy and $12 or more as a physical version. Follow along with book 1 of the Coco Pinchard series. More details below. Rated 4/5 stars by nearly 500 Amazon reviewers.

The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard:

Coco Pinchard always dreamed of being a successful writer, but then life got in the way. She married young, had a son, and put her dreams on hold… But now she’s forty, and her first novel is about to be published! Her husband Daniel has greyed nicely into a silver fox, and her son Rosencrantz is all grown up. Shouldn’t it be time to enjoy life?

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