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A modern art playground for adults has taken over the Tate Modern

“One Two Three Swing!” by Danish collective SUPERFLEX,  Tate Modern’s latest commission for the Turbine Hall.

Image: adrian dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Miss running around a playground? The art world has your back.

Unveiled at London’s Tate Modern on Tuesday, One Two Three Swing! is a new large-scale installation from Danish collective SUPERFLEX. It’s currently taking over the Turbine Hall, and resembles a rather large, colourful adult playground.

A partnership between Tate, Hyundai, and artists Jakob Fenger, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen and Rasmus Nielsen, the installation is made up of three “states” connected by a bright orange line. There’s “apathy,” a large pendulum suspended by a 20-metre cable from the ceiling and swinging above a 770-square-metre coloured carpet inspired by British currency.

Image: adrian dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Then there’s “production,” a swing seat factory station.

Image: adrian dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Finally, and most playfully, there’s “movement,” three-seated swings you can play with. Gallery visitors are encouraged to interact with the work as a group on the count of three, hence the title. 

Image: jack taylor/Getty Images

Over time, new swings will be added, spreading outside Tate Modern, and potentially beyond into London, as the work evolves.

Image: adrian dennis/AFP/Getty Images

According to Tate’s press release, the work has been “conceived as an assembly line for collective movement,” inviting audiences to use public spaces for collaboration to “challenge society’s apathy towards the political, environmental and economic crises of our age.” 

Needless to say, you’ll be seeing this work heavily featured on Instagram over the coming months.

SUPERFLEX’s installation is on display at the Tate Modern until Apr. 2, 2018 — and then it may run rogue through London, if you’re lucky.

Members of the Danish collective SUPERFLEX (L-R) Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen and Bjornstjerne Christiansen.

Members of the Danish collective SUPERFLEX (L-R) Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen and Bjornstjerne Christiansen.

Image: JACK TAYLOR/Getty Images

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