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A milestone just happened on ‘The Price is Right’ and everyone rightfully freaked out

While everyone has their favorite game on The Price is Right, The Big Wheel is definitely an indisputable highlight of the show. 

The concept of the wheel is simple — contestants are allowed two spins, and the person with the cumulative score closest to $1 advances to the Showcase, the show’s grand finale. 

With some magical stroke of luck, all three contestants managed to spin $1 in their two spins on Friday, a rare milestone occurrence. But today’s episode was special, and each person that spun $1 received $10,000 for their spin. 

After giving away a cumulative $30,000 to the three contestants, host Drew Carey revealed they each received a bonus spin, and upped the stakes a bit. Landing on the green $.05 or $.15 will win the contestant an additional $10,000, while landing on the $1 is now worth $25,000. 

The first and second contestants each hit the $1, so they both took home a cool $35,000 each. Combined, the show gave out $80,000 on this one game alone, which is the most amount of money ever given away on The Big Wheel, a rep from CBS confirmed. 

When people win big on TPIR, everyone freaks out, and this huge milestone was no exception. 

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