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A look at the new ‘Westworld’ mobile game for Android and iOS

Head over to Manufacturing to drum up a Teddy Flood.

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As the Westworld Season 2 premiere charges down the railroad tracks, the show’s new mobile game has landed on Android and iOS — in some countries, at least, including Australia.

The game is a little Fallout Shelter, a little Westworld. You’re the new hire for Delos Destinations, put through a training simulation of Westworld park. “You will be responsible for keeping the park running smoothly by managing the Hosts, our artificially intelligent ‘park residents,’” says character Theresa Cullen, Head of Quality Assurance at Westworld. 


Your job is to satisfy guests by pairing them with the right hosts. Drop by Manufacturing, where the Narrative team sends created concepts for new hosts. Using a Host Code to manufacture a new host, you can build a basic model. 


You gain XP points by completing objectives, like building hosts, engaging guests, and staging hold-’em-ups in the Sweetwater Bank. Work hard enough on your objectives and you can unlock the manufacture of Westworld character hosts like your ol’ pal Teddy Flood. 

So, where do you find guests? The train station, of course. They’re dropped regularly in groups, just like in the show. You can also head over the Mariposa Saloon to engage them. 


Each host can play a few specific roles, which satisfy matching guest desires and needs. For example, some might be really into rolling the dice, so you’d build them a Gambler. Some might want to rob a bank, so you’d build them a Bandit. You can also build Cornerstone, Basic, Social, and Legendary Hosts, some of whom you know from the show. 

If you make a guest happy, you earn rewards and resources to expand operations and upgrade your hosts. You can also earn new Host Codes to add to your arsenal. 


From the Control Room, you can upgrade park locations, and as you level up, you can unlock different rooms, including Dr. Ford’s office. 

That’s just a peek at the game, you’ll be able to play it for yourself in Android and iOS before Season 2 premieres on April 22.

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