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A cordless, bagless vacuum cleaner that’s way cheaper than Dyson

A vacuum that doesn’t suck.

Image: EUFY

Hello, friends. We’re here today with an important lesson in adulting. It might sound a little nuts, but: you need to own a vacuum cleaner. What, you say? But, I’m still young! I say things like “woke” and “bae” and own a fidget spinner. 

That’s all well and good. But if you have an apartment or a house or really any place with floors, you still need a vacuum cleaner. And if you can’t afford a Dyson (yet), this cordless vacuum by Eufy is a great choice — and hugely on sale.

The Eufy HomeVac is a cordless standup vacuum with enough battery power to clean as many floors as you’ve got. It’s powerful, light enough to carry wherever you need to carry it, and the dust holder snaps out and empties, without getting your hands dirty (or dumping dirt back on your clean floors). 

And yes, it will make you feel grown-up as hell.

The Eufy HomeVac is on sale for $84.99—more than half off its usual price. 

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