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6point6 Launches Cloud Gateway Service by Hosting World’s First Virtual Cloud-Based Event

6point6, an independent award-winning technology consultancy, unveiled their latest product, Cloud Gateway this week. Cloud Gateway is a digital transformation enablement product delivering reduced network complexity, reduced cost, rapid deployment, topology agnosticism and a unified, single enforcement policy for organisations. It has been designed in-house by the experts at 6point6 to allow for the fluid connectivity into, out of and across multiple network environments, providing a modular approach to security, offering granularity in every facet of threat prevention.

6point6 recognises that many businesses have a desire to move to cloud computing and Cloud Gateway provides a managed service to allow this to become a reality. 6point6 transformation services will help businesses to smoothly migrate applications and services to Cloud Service Providers, providing both architectural and delivery skills throughout the transformation lifecycle.

They offer each part of the entire transformation process as a service that can be delivered stand-alone or as part of the entire suite. The modular nature of this approach gives businesses the flexibility of engaging 6point6’s expertise as well as leveraging in-house resources through diverse engagement models.

Justin Day, Cloud Gateway Technology Lead at 6point6 said, “We are very excited to be launching the Cloud Gateway service which is the latest innovation from 6point6. We will enable businesses to transition seamlessly to the cloud. Very quickly our clients will be able to realise the benefits of shifting from legacy and costly systems, to a secure, robust and above all cost effective cloud based infrastructure.”

The benefits of Cloud Gateway include:

  • Cost Reduction: Reduced CAPEX and an efficient OPEX model, with controlled and easy to understand monthly costs
  • Greater Control: Full visibility of an organisations network, data throughput and security via a single pane of glass
  • Flexibility: Fully adapted to suit changes which may affect an organisations priorities or business goals
  • Fully Managed: Access to your infrastructure 24/7, backed by a solid SLA and experience centric customer service

The Event – A World First

6point6 unveiled their latest product, Cloud Gateway with the world’s first virtual cloud-based press event. Complete with refreshments delivered directly to the public and through the VR goggles provided, participants were able to immerse themselves in the product launch to gain an understanding of how cloud computing is helping British business save costs and the benefits of the service.

During and after the event, a Q&A session has been ongoing via 6point6’s Twitter feed @6point6ltd. The public are still able to view the event via 6point6’s YouTube channel. For anyone interested in watching the event through VR goggles please contact 6point6@staturepr.com.


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