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50 reasons why Leslie Jones is a national treasure on this, her 50th birthday

Image: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

Maybe you know her strictly from Saturday Night Live, or maybe it’s her standup routine that’s left you with an aching side from laughing to hard. Regardless of how you were introduced to the comedic genius that is Leslie Jones, it’s safe to say the world is a better—and tremendously funnier—place because of her existence.  

It’s not every day one turns 50 years old so to help her celebrate that milestone, here are literally just bunch of reasons why we love Jones. 

1. Her 50th birthday dance 


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2. That time she tried to convince Drake to let her “spank him like a baby”

3. When she hosted the BET awards with so much joy, it was contagious 

4. Dancing to “Bodak Yellow” like the boss she is 

5. When she tried to play Donald Trump on SNL

6. Her hilarious candor on the show and IRL. 

7. Jones’ romance with cast mate Kyle…

8. …and the near decline of their relationship 

9. Her live-tweeting of Game of Thrones…

10. …and GoT viewing parties with Seth Myers

11. When she was invited to the Olympics and increased patriotism levels in the United States by 300 percent

12. Her muffin moment in SNL‘s “Star Wards Undercover Boss” sketch

13. When she called out publishing house Simon & Schuster‏ for their book deal with alt-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos.  

14. Her iconic role in the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters

15. Her hilarious selfies (and commentary) with fellow celebrities

16. Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition with Leslie Jones and Peter Dinklage. Need I say more?

17. When she landed a date with a teacher, thanks to Twitter

18. When she landed a date, thanks to Conan O’Brien 

19. When she called out designers for their lack of inclusivity and ended up with a dress from the Christian Siriano 

20-40. All her pickup lines for Colin Jost during her “Weekend Update” appearances 

We know it’s cheating to do 20-40, but she really does a lot of them. 

41. Using her platform to stand up against Twitter abuse 

42. Honestly, Jones live-tweeting any show or movie is amazing—including Captain America

43. When she gave John Cena some life advice and bolstered his confidence

44. Dancing with none other than David S. Pumpkins

45. When she inspired someone’s Pride dress with a simple tweet

46. *no caption needed*

47. Every single one of her motivating gym selfies

48. When she discovered her “inner white girl” 

49. When she admitted she was in love with The Blacklist’s James Spader on national television 

50. That time she used her platform to uplift others, like Olympian Gabby Douglas, who were getting harassed online 

For countless other reasons, thank you for being in our world, Leslie Jones. 

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