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5 important things we learned from North West’s very first interview

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Not every four-year-old can claim their first interview happened in the pages of Interview magazine, but then again, North West isn’t an ordinary kid.

In her magazine debut, North is interviewed by other famous children — everyone from Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown to her cousin, Kourtney’s daughter, Penelope Disick. Oh, and even Andy Warhol makes gets in on the action via questions taken some of his writings.

Here are the five most important facts about her for you to know — brush up on them before the inevitable North West-themed trivia nights begin.   

1. Her best friend is her “mama.” 


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Who else could it even be?

2. Her favorite Kanye West song is “Amazing” 

“So amazing!” she told Sean and Jayden Federline, Britney Spears’ kids. 

3. The best TV show according to North is Shimmer and Shine.

No lies detected there. 

4. Of all the Disney princesses, North relates to Jasmine the most. And her favorite dress is purple. 

Check and check.

5. Last but not least, North West loves cheese pizza, the most superior of all the pizzas.

“Just Cheese! Cheese, cheese—everywhere cheese,” she says. A young Kevin McCallister in the making. 

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