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21 Halloween group costumes ideas to achieve your ultimate squad goals

Whether or not you appreciate spooky things, Halloween gives you the perfect excuse to dress up with your friends and eat lots of candy.

Instead of scrambling on Oct. 30 (or even the morning of Oct. 31), here are plenty of options for you and your friends to be the best dressed at this year’s Halloween parties. 

1. La Croix 

2. Pokémon 

3. Sailor Moon Scouts

4. Characters from Nightmare Before Christmas 

5. Bojack Horseman 

6. Breakfast foods 

7. Corpse bride and skeletons

8. Toy Story characters

9. Google Maps

10. Arthur characters

11. Guess Who

12. Star Wars Force Awakens characters

13. ‘Disneybound’ Princesses

14. Independence Day 

15. Meeseeks from Rick & Morty

16. The Simpsons

17. Seinfield 

18. Harry Potter 

19. Wonder Woman 

20. Popcorn? Sure, why not. 

21. KISS

There’s no need to break the bank with these DIY costumes and your friends will thank you for it. 

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