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19 startups in Asia that caught our eye

Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Arcterus | Japan (Startup Profile)

Arcterus is trying to help students learn more effectively. It is a platform that allows students to share their study notebooks with other students and then profit from it. Its users are mainly middle school students and high school students.

2. Carsome | Malaysia (Startup Profile)

Used car marketplace Carsome allows over 1,500 car dealers to make offers on the vehicles through a bidding system. Sellers can sit back and wait for the best bid to come in rather than visiting standalone shops one by one.

3. Wavecell | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Wavecell develops digital telecommunications products that help companies reach their customers through messaging and live video chat. The startup creates APIs that allow its customers to integrate the tech on their websites, apps, and services. It has seven offices worldwide and claims to have increased its customer base by 300 percent.

4. Moneysmart | Singapore (Startup Profile)

Financial products and services comparison site Moneysmart helps users compare 17 different personal finance products including credit cards, insurance, and loans. Site visitors can also read about various financial topics on the accompanying blog, maintained by full-time staff. The startup claims to have an average of 700,000 unique visitors per month.

5. Hostel Hunting | Malaysia (Startup Profile)

Hostel Hunting helps students search for rental properties close to their university campus. Its website allows students to filter through verified property listings by area or institution, and communicate directly with potential landlords through its messaging feature. It takes a service fee for every successful booking. The startup operates in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

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