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15 GIFs that ALMOST ended in disaster

While these GIFs may keep you on the edge of your seat, find comfort in that fact that everything turns out OK in the end. We promise. 

Regardless, these near misses will definitely get your heart rate going and your palms sweating, so brace yourselves.

For more anxiety-inducing action, check out the subreddit r/nonononoyes for all your near disaster needs. 

1. ‘I’ll just stand next to this train track.’

2. He was just having a good time.

3. This dirt bike was out for revenge. 

4. A literal cliffhanger. 

5. Centimeters. 

6. There’s no way this felt good.

7. Smooth one, ref. 

8. Even he looked surprised he caught it.

9. This gauard rail was pushed to the max.

10. Alcohol was possibly involved in this decision-making.

11. Just pay attention around trains, OK?

12. The ones who never signal lane changes are always the worst drivers. 

14. How can a anyone be this chill?

14. Never turn your back to a big cat. 

15. OK, bro. 

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